TrustSoft HistoryKill Crack + License Key Free Download (2022)

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TrustSoft HistoryKill 2021

TrustSoft HistoryKill Crack + License Key Free Download (2022)

TrustSoft HistoryKill Crack protects your internet and windows browsers by cleaning up all traces of your computer activity. This privacy eraser contains many tools to remove information that you view on the Internet and Windows after recovery. This software has several advanced tools, but you do not have online support, so most of the problems can be resolved by themselves

Skirtoft HistoryKill Crack has a busy interface and you can access the tools at the top of the program. The software has a different tab for each internet browser and you can choose which parts of the browser you want to clear from the tab. The program is not intuitive but has a handy configuration wizard that appears and guides you when using the program. Our advanced privacy software features, such as erasing email, free space, or removable media, are missing.

TrustSoft HistoryKill License Key leaves behind several common areas of your computer that can be curious and allow useless files to take over the room without these features. There is a safe shredder for the software. It can still be retrieved when you delete a file with Windows. By overwriting the data multiple times, HistoryKill effectively removes the file and any signals. The historical eraser can indicate how often you want the software to overwrite your internet history. The software has left few traces of our Windows activities and the traces have not revealed what we have done on the computer.

It adds the current user’s registry entry, which automatically enables the program to start every time it is rebooted. In general, the setup package installs approximately three files and usually amounts to 3.07 MB. Regarding the overall use of the people who installed it, most of them run it on Windows 10. Most of the users who have this software installed come from the US.

TrustSoft HistoryKill Crack Free Download:

TrustSoft HistoryKill Crack Download has been created by TrustSoft to help you protect your privacy. You can see that you leave traces behind whenever you surf the web: cookies, temp files, histories, etc. These files can be deleted, but not enough if data recuperation tools can restore deleted files. By securely removing your traces, HistoryKill addresses this situation. It removes and safeguards cookies, temp files, browsing history, and other traces. It wipes all your tracks essentially clean.

TrustSoft HistoryKill 2022 Download supports many Windows releases, from the very old Windows 98 to the very popular Windows 7. To start and run the application you need to go through a standard installation procedure: download an installer, run it, follow the instructions provided in the installation assistant. When you are completed, you are invited to access a simple SetUpWizard and start HistoryKill for the first time. This wizard takes you through 3 steps: selecting what to kill, selecting the cookies to maintain, and selecting them if you want to kill them.

Everyone Soft HistoryKill Key is an effective tool for removing personal data from your web browser and computer. However, the program has limited support and several tools are missing to ensure the security and privacy of your entire computer. There is a very simple interface with HistoryKill. At the top, you have tabs for all supported browsers, Boss Key feature, File Shredder feature, and a lot more. You don’t have to go through a steep learning curve to get used to the application interface. You’ll be figuring things out in no time.

TrustSoft HistoryKill 2021


  • Software Trustworthiness needs Acquisition
  • Software specificed and verification
  • Improvement by design
  • Software analysis and tested
  • Integration methods and principles.
  • Measurement and evaluation of reliable software
  • Building a stable and secure computing
  • Cryptographic and privacy of trusted software
  • Software runtime monitor
  • Case studies
  • Mobile Application Trusted device
  • Malware detection
  • User Perception of Software Trustworthiness
  • Trust in human-software interaction and user interface trust
  • Evaluation of software quality
  • Software as a service and its applications
  • Software trust management
  • A trustworthy software application or industrial experience

What’s New?

  • Temporary Internet Files
  • AutoComplete Form Fields & Passwords
  • Removes ‘index.dat’ files
  • Removes Cookies (Cookie Manager for IE)
  • Removes session history files
  • Removes HTML5 local storage files
  • Removes JumpList cache
  • Removes top site history
  • Multi-profile history data files in Chromeo.

How To Install & Crack?

  • First download TrustSoft HistoryKill on your pc.
  • Then install it.
  • Write key in activation key place
  • Then turn off your data and click ok
  • Enjoy


  • For security and privacy, most people want to remove the traces of their computer and internet activity, but this also speeds up your PC. This software improves the performance of your computer by freeing up extra hard drive space and deleting unnecessary files. Junk files such as temporary files, recycle bin, computer history, SWAP files, and recent file list will be deleted. However, the software does not clean removable media files.

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